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More Tunes

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WAS TOO LAZY AND/OR distracted to get much work done on the tune mentioned below, but I did get a little done on another 2600 tune.


This one is not for anything in particular, Tommy just asked me to code it about six months ago for fun and, while he was over Monday night, we coded the first four measures:


It is a 2600-izing of a tune called The Battle of Gilgamesh or something similar, from Final Fantasy V (I think).

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Recommended Comments

I see what you're trying to do now... you're trying to corner the 2600 music market!


Coming soon to a stereo-modded 2600 near you:




(Yes... that was entirely too much work to go through for that joke.)

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:D First rule of comedy. Never apologize. :D


Funny. Don't worry, he's not going to monopolize the music world. Don't forget that Batari has some music on the go and I expect to see more from Manuel some day.


I also have a music project on the go, and so stay tuned.

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