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Mille Bornes for Apple II in Applesoft BASIC



Ported Mille Borne to another system, Apple II. It's was a rather simple port from the CoCo2 that only took about and hour as both systems use a variation on MS BASIC. Found Applesoft rather fun programming environment, fast and feature laden. What I was not too keen on was the primitive editing (I guess I've been spoiled with the Atari's full screen editor 🙂 ) Anyway, It's posted here in the Apple II forum on AA:


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After playing a few more times, it seems to me that the Coup Fourré rule isn't implemented according to the original game's rules (as they appear in your PDF): when you play a safety card immediately after the opponent plays a hazard card, it's recognized as a Coup Fourré, but then play goes back to the opponent without you getting your extra turn (EDIT: and the hazard still takes partial effect in that you remain stopped afterward, if you had a Roll! prior to their attempted hazard). Additionally, my opponent played a safety card (Right of Way) on a Stop, several turns after I'd played the Stop, which resulted in a Coup Fourré but shouldn't have (it's only a Coup Fourré if it's played immediately when the opponent plays the hazard).


Still great fun playing, though!


Update: Also, got a STATEMENT NOT DEF'D error at line 26300, at a GOTO 2650

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