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Midspace version 39

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So last night I played some Mario Kart 64. Two of the computer-controlled players got the exact same time on one track. Before that, I got a new 2600 game in the mail: Cosmic Commuter. I put it in and the thing rolled. Did I have a PAL version? I went and cleaned up the contacts a little and then tried it. Success: No rolling. So if you think you have a PAL game (and are in NTSC land), one thing you can try is cleaning the cart. Then I worked on MidSpace. I tried and tried to get the game's letters to stripe correctly. After numerous attempts and about 90 minutes later, I did it. I know I should count scanlines, but I don't know how.


So I went to sleep and didn't want to get up. I got up at 11a.m., took my pills, and then went back to sleep I was so sleepy. Finally woke up at 3 p.m. since I knew I had to get up at some point (Well, not really, but then what would be the point of life if all I do is sleep it away?). I tried it on a real 2600, and the word "Midspace" started with yellow and black lines, like a bee. So I went back to work fixing that. But I finally did. I have 1 byte left.


So now, hopefully, I am done with it all. I think this is my best game using assembly. I want to put it on a cartridge and sell it, but apparently nobody thinks it's as good as I think it is. Now I will focus all my 2600 work on finishing Castle of Doom and then start work on that Count's Castle game using the Kid's Controller. Or perhaps, something different. I still wish that competition for small games was still around.

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