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Return of the comic from the future.

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A while back, I lamented about while there was a comic strip occurring in the past ("B.C."), there was none from the future. Which seemed odd to me seeing as how there were both "The Flintstones" and "The Jetsons". So I decided to make a futuristic comic strip for my comics website. I made a couple weeks' worth last year and a week about 4 months ago. Well, while going through my papers I found two comics I had drawn, I think I wanted to keep going with the four months ago set, as they were dated May. I wanted to continue it, so I thought really hard and made a week's worth.


We had a horrible thunderstorm last night, I was apprehensive about using the computer so close to the window but it was the one hooked up to the scanner, but I managed to scan the page of comics, and cleaned them up and colored them and replaced all my crappy handwriting with the Arial font. So now it looks like this:


I think the father's face looks like a slice of pizza. But it seems iconic, so I kept it in. Mark Jones and his son live in an apartment complex on the moon in the year 2747. I haven't drawn Mark's wife yet (no joke or reason to), so I'm thinking for the back story, Mark is a divorcee. As for the odd white space in Mark's speech balloon in the first panel of the comic I posted, my handwriting is apparently a lot bigger than the Arial font size I used. I could have trimmed it, but it was late, and I didn't want to.


I also decided to use a futuristic looking font for the dates. Also, all the comics since May have the words "A Future Comic" in it somewhere to differentiate it from other comics on my site (I jump back and forth between projects, just like my programming habits. I had to quit a serial in order to do this.) I'd like to do this and keep it up, but ideas for comics are hard to come by, especially if you're limiting yourself to the future. But, probably nobody is reading them anyway. Oh well.


I went to sleep for about 10 hours last night. Went to sleep at around 4 a.m. and woke up at 2 p.m. And it wasn't because the thunder was keeping me up. There was a huge clap of thunder at about 3 a.m. that I heard while working on my comic. It was because I wasn't sleepy enough to go to sleep. I used to eat Frosted Mini-Wheats, but decided they don't have enough sugar in them, so I switched to Frosted Flakes, which I sometimes choke on. But I just ate a bowl and didn't, so I don't know.

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