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Hamburgers at the library.

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I tried real hard to think of a place where level 6 can be in the game Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland 2. Then all these stupid bugs popped up. I was having a horrible time trying to fix them. I spent all night and into the morning working on this. At one point, I got the bright idea to just start over again. Sections of the code were ignored. Putting them in twice seem to do the trick, although I don't know why.


That's a small picture. Don't know why it's so small, but oh well. Level 6 takes place at the library. You can see the old librarian is scared because a hamburger and milkshakes are flying around shooting each other (wouldn't you be?) After all the time spent, a couple of times the game acted real funny: noises were all screwed up, and then it went back to the title screen.


I also wonder what I did to break the boss screen. I separated all the sprites so they weren't overlapping, yet somehow it acted like they did and killed you if you died. The burger went down, and then it went back up, at which point when the game was supposed to start, the small onion rings flashed and the burger and the life counter went down. But I think I fixed that.


Anyway, when I was done, I tried to go to sleep, but then I had diarrhea. I finally went to sleep at about 10:30 a.m. and woke up at 7:30 p.m. A good, sane amount of nine hours of sleep. So I didn't have a very good Sunday. But at least I know where the final level 7 is going to take place. (I only have 29,310 bytes left out of a possible 131,072.) It wouldn't compile at one point, but I think I found a way to optimize the boss screen so I can free up more room, for possibly more levels.

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