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Most of October 7...

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...was spent sleeping. I couldn't go to sleep, so I worked on Zyx. FINALLY got to semi-sleep at about 2 a.m. Woke up at 7:45a.m. to go to sleep on the couch so I could hear the phone ring. Yes, I'm still waiting for them to call me. It didn't ring. I got up at about noon. Then in the span of about a couple of hours, I got 3 calls. Two of them were robo calls and the other one was Terminix telling me when they'll come. So now while a couple weeks ago I would be sleeping right now, now I am awake at about 8:30p.m. I spent most of my hours awake working on Zyx again. There was a rather nasty bug about flashing objects that I didn't want to have flashing, but I think I squashed it. I think MidSpace is finally finished, there's nothing more I'd like to add and even if there was, I would have practically no room for it.


I think I'll play my Jaguar tonight or tomorrow. I'm really sleepy now, but I shouldn't be because I've only been awake for about 9 hours. And it's hot in my room. And I'm working on a new Atari 2600 newsletter for November. It'll be 2 pages of greatness. Or at least I think so.

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