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Wow. That was fast.

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And just like that, another day has passed. I spent most of this one sleeping too. I find that even though I usually get sleepy at about 9 or 10, I can't actually go to sleep until about midnight or so. I plugged in my old Commodore 64 (I failed in trying to find my Atari 800) and it still works well. That's about the only thing well on the Comoodore 64 front, I tried to program something for it and all the picture was displaying in red and black instead of the colors I wanted.


I wanted to share this picture of the new version of Greedy Zyx. Next I will work on Running Zyx (the one on the freeway. I'm going to attempt to put cars on it since after all it is a road.) The flying purple looking creature is trying to drop a pineapple on your head. When he gets to your x position the pineapple will drop. So it's best to avoid touching the pineapple because it costs you a life.



Poor zyx. All he's trying to do is eat bananas and the vuts are attacking him and then - if that's not bad enough - this flying bat-like thing is trying to drop pineapples on his head.

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Red and black? Are you working in high resolution mode on the C64? It sounds like you're having a bitmapped screen but not filled the screen memory which in this mode acts like colour memory.

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