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That pesky nosehair, ever growing. I thought I would make a video game out of something that annoys me: Nosehair! I mean, why do we even have hair growing in our noses? It can't help tremendously like a filter. It's just a few strands of hair. And it has to be up my nose where it's hard to reach?


Anyway, I'm working baby steps here since I discovered it's hard to keep the scanline steady at 262. Everything I do seems to break it and more than half the time I spend working on it is making the scanline steady. One of the things I am proud of is the cutting animation of the scissors. But I think I will have trouble with the enemy in the game: The nosehair demon. Demons are red, but that would clash with the purple background.


By the way, the game can't be possible using bB, so I'm using assembly. One of the things I like about assembly (even though it's super hard and near-ununderstandable) is that I can make the missile a different color than the player associated with it. For example, the nostril is missile 0 and the scissors are player 0. Notice they're different colors. This isn't possible with batari Basic.


Tomorrow I plan to add in the nosehair demon. The code to display it is already in there, which is a huge plus. Now I just have to get it on the part of the screen that displays. And if anyone would like to help design a nosehair demon for me, that would be nice. The maximum width is 8 pixels, but although it can in reality be almost as tall as the screen, I would like it to be about 10-15 pixels in height.

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