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So I decided that if I was going to continue on the game, I'd have to make some changes seeing as how my nosehair viewing code wasn't going to support a box. So I changed it. I looked at SpiceWare's Collect tutorial on how to do a 2-line-kernel. I had to change some stuff in order to not display an arena and instead show a nosehair. I made the nosehair the ball so it would be even easier, I got rid of the playfield entirely. Now the nosehair is a lot thinner, which is what I wanted.


I got rid of the green bit at the bottom since that wasn't working out well, either. Now the game ends when the nosehair gets all the way to the bottom of the screen. Next was working on a steady scanline count. It wavered between 261 and 262 frame by frame. To fix this, I put in a sleep command after trying to change the overscan value and failing.


And then, finally, at 2 a.m. I went to bed. Fell asleep at 3 a.m. and woke up at about 1 p.m. I think going to bed later is better because I actually fell asleep on the first try. I changed the animation code since it wasn't working out well. And now the game is where it is now. What's next?

  • making touching the box add to the score
  • making demon touching have the nosehair grow faster
  • (maybe) making nosehair cutting add to the score.
  • random box x and y positions after touching the box.
  • make the nosehair grow faster as the game progresses.

About that last one, I am going to have the nosehair growth start out much slower than it is now. This is just a test.

I think I'll take a small break on this now since I'm tired of working on this non-stop for a few days.

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