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Changes part 2

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Well, whaddya know? As it turns out, my perfectionism got in the way of my vacation. I had to make the game absolutely perfect before I began my break. But now everything is perfect since I worked on it some more and made it perfect. I even tested it on my Atari 2600 to make sure it was perfect. I even got rid of a rather nasty bug that put the scanline at 261 for one frame at the end of the game after the death sequence played. This made the game jump a little on my real TV. But I fixed it.


I turned on the TV to play my game this morning though and I think it may be dying. It is a CRT-TV I've had since I was 11 (it was made in May 1993 according to the sticker on it). So I turn it on and found a few white lines at the top of the screen. They went away after 30 seconds or so. And it wasn't like it had been off for a long time, I last used it yesterday. I don't understand why people think HD TVs are better. They glitch and crap (I can't even read the Weather Channel's temperature because it is all blurry and tiny), but on this TV Mario Kart 64 displays perfectly.


I changed the name of the game to Uncle Hairy's Nosehair. For the longest time, before I had Ultra Vortek, Utopia, and Up 'n' Down, I didn't own a single game with a title beginning with the letter U. So I think of that as exotic. So it will be nice to finally own a game I made (if I complete this) that begins with U. I did have Uniracers, but I haven't played that game in such a long time I forgot I had it.

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