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Some other stuff

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I was getting nowhere fast on my Nosehair project. It kept giving me an unsteady picture. So I decided to give up and pursue other things. Like my webcomic. I am apparently one of the only remaining people who even use Comic Genesis any more. Sometimes reading the newspaper can give me ideas for my comic. Other times I just think of unusual things, and what could be a funny pun or comment I could make out of it. I got behind, and my comics ended on Nov. 3. Election Day. I made a special day-after-election day comic that (if I remember to date them correctly outside my usual dating system) will post on November 4. I wasn't trying to make a cartoon about Election Day, it just happened that I thought of this comic so close to Election Day.


I named this iteration "Jukebox Quiz". I keep changing the names on my daily panel cartoon. When I'm usually drawing them, I can fit 6 on a page. So that's what I do. Too bad weeks are 7 days and not 6. And I know Sundays should be bigger, but I don't do that. Since it's a webcomic I don't have to. I'm up to week 6 and I have 4 comics on that page. So a months' worth. I started on October 5. My prepared comics that are ready to go end November 3. I draw then scan then correct them then just for fun, I color them. I don't have anything else to do. It takes me about half an hour to color a 6-comic page. Which, when you stop and think about it, it shouldn't take that long because I only use about a dozen colors on average for each comic. Here is an example of my work, this one was on October 12.


As you can see, not being able to draw well doesn't stop me. I wonder how Mr. Strum gets his lines so straight on Artie.


I was a big Far Side fan and enjoyed Close To Home, and really dig The Argyle Sweater. It's just easier to not remember characters and what their personalities are. (Like 'Jukebox Quiz'.)


I was rubbing my forehead (anyone do that?) and noticed a few hard bumps on it. Are forehead usually bumpy, or am I getting brain cancer? They don't hurt. Perhaps I am growing horns. I'd think my head would be in horrible pain if I was getting brain cancer. So I probably shouldn't worry too much about it.

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