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Frank the Fruit Fly and the bear.

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I had an idea about a Frank the Fruit Fly screen. Unfortunately, it came as I was going to bed. I worked on drawing up screens on it hoping it would help me remember what it was. I took some melatonin gummies. They have been helping me get to sleep faster. Now instead of a couple hours, it's only about 15-20 minutes. But the last time I did that, the melatonin must have worn off since it quit helping.


Anyway, here is my idea:


There's this sleeping bear that is sleeping (it's what sleeping bears do best), and if you touch the speech bubble with the z in it, he'll wake up and automatically push you to the left and you'll lose a couple of health points. And then he'll go back to sleep again.


Now you'd think this would be pretty easy to program. Not so fast. It took 90 minutes. Part of that was spent on displaying the second screen without the game resetting for no reason, and the other part was getting Frank to go left automatically. You'll notice that there is no gray in this screen. This is because when I usually do gray screens, I need 2 screens to do it. But this screen already is using 2 screens, so putting gray in it would have to make it 4 screens, plus making gray is already tricky enough. When I started, the bear was white. Then I decided it looked too much like a polar bear, so I made it black. It's a black bear (get it?). This bear is temporary unless I actually get someone to help me draw a bear. In case you're wondering, this is my bear drawing when he's not sleeping.


I've been sleeping too much. I woke up at noon and was still sleepy so I went and laid down on the couch at about 1 p.m. Finally woke up at 4:30p.m. It's 9 p.m. now.

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