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Some XB utilities for TI99 CF7/NanoPEB

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Xmount is a loader program that, among other things, allows you to read volumes in a CF7/NanoPEB (by Guillaume Tello’s website: https://gtello.pagesperso-orange.fr/ti99_e.htm )

If you don't know what a CF7/NanoPEB is the website all about it: https://nanopeb.com/

Use the accompanying program with your CF7/NanoPEB. On with the show.


So, using XMOUNT program and some other stuff yesterday I wrote in XB a little series of utilities for the CF7/NanoPEB. it's a menu program with some tools on it. There is 2 types, one is a LOAD file that comes up from DSK1. the other named M is to be run from DSK3 so that it can stay resident.

Here is what's on the menu:

1.) VOLUME MANAGER  - this loads the disk manager 1000 into DSK1 (if you have it in volume 1) then reboots the TI menu. if you don't have yours in volume 1 change the XMOUNT in line 35 to CALL LINK("XMOUNT",1,(whatever volume you have DM1000 in))

2.) CARD VOL LIST - this list out the volumes on your card but in this program you can specify the start volume number and it shows 40 volumes a screen. (note, this utility likes the volume names less than 9 chars and will show garbage if the volume is un-formated)

3.) DIR OF VOL#  - this just shows the files in whatever volume you specify.

4.) DIR OF DRV. - just a drive directory program. must put in drive spec such as DRV1 to work.

5.) LOAD VOL# IN DRV 1 - this will load the volume in drive 1 then reboot to TI menu.

6.) LIST OF SUB/DIR - I don't know how you have your CF7 card arranged but I have like files clumped together like in sub-directories. this is just a list I created of how I have mine clumped  together. It reads from DATA statements so change lines 1000-2000 with however you have your card arranged.

7.) END - end


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