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XB-70 - what if




This doesn't have anything to do with retro computers but with retro airplanes. The XB-70 was a hyper-sonic proposed in the 60s. It had a projected cruising speed of MACH 3, which is impressive even by today's standards. I remember as a kid I of having a model of this X plane. It was 60s cool if there ever was one. I got the below document from I'm not sure where. It's a 'what if' and some of the plans they had for the plane. Here's the NASA fact sheet on the plane. https://www.nasa.gov/centers/armstrong/news/FactSheets/FS-084-DFRC.html

Attached is the 'what if' document of the plans they had for the XB-70 for a Minuteman Missile launcher, an SST passenger plane and even a cargo variant.




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Thanks for that. Never knew even 1/4th the possibilities they studied back in the day. At times the engineers seemed desperate to come up with reasons for the program to exist. But the passenger variant, wholly unknown to me, seems to be the best most practical use. The fuselage certainly had the capacity. That and the satellite launch platform, too, especially with today's microsized mechatronics.


The 1960's was certainly one of the most optimistic and exciting and forward-thinking times in all of aviation history.

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little known fact, the folding down of the edge of the wings didn't just look cool but helped increase the speed of the XB-70 by reducing voracities at the edge of the wings.  

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Yes. And they did even more. They provided a remarkable amount of directional/yaw stability. And they closed off the side of the box for compression lift.


With the tips in downward position the air was compressed between the side of the engine nacelle and its opposing (folded down) tip. The plane would surf on the compressed air.


The jet was also unique in that the main wing's leading edges drooped to connect with the shockwaves from its front parts like the nose, canard, and engine inlet point. Yet another source of lift.

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