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Cruizin' Youtube - Woolie Strikes Back (Voice Clips) - December 2020



Good morning Bubsy fans, long time no see. *   In my tooling around and enjoying the Bubsy goodness on the interwebs, I enjoy what other fans find.  Hey, this is a FAN blog afterall right?  :)  


So this one goes out to Xinny for finding this.   From the author's perspective this voice actor, who I hope we learn the name of at some point, is one of the best portrayals of the Bubsy character.   Some say it’s Vic Mignona, some say Dan Castellaneta, some say Brian Drummond.    IMDB seems to point to Dan, so time will tell as it often does.


This voice actor, and the twitter Bubsy actor at the time, had a great upbeat humor, still full of himself as Bubsy tends to be, but more chill and less annoying.   Notice the word "less" is said here.  :P   So the performance was more enjoyable, less grating.



Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back - Bubsy's voice clips.mp3


* So to be honest for one of the authors of this blog (only there is one writer

currently but other "staff") well in current world time is a blur.  :P  September

was written, then October whizzed by, and as I said "Hey, that was October..."

well, November whizzed by.  As the writer Douglas Adams of "Hitchhiker's

Guide to the Galaxy" once said "I love deadlines and that sound they make

when they whiz by."  Can relate!


Speaking of time, our dear Bubsy friend, fan, and Bubsy cosplayer, Rusty Everhart

had a birthday a few days ago.  And when he did he got this Bubsy cake!

That is SUPER cool.   Well Happy Birthday from us here at the Bubsy Fan Blog!




More to come soon!

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