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Cruizin' Discord - Paws on Fire (Extras) - November 2020



So this morning a shout out was going out to Awesomehaig and Mayan People who have been two people who have put some love into the Bubsy Bobcat Wiki.   This is an ongoing labor of love of many Bubsy fans.   Today's article was inspired by them.


Over on the Officious Bubsy Fan Group on Discord there has been wonderful showing of things that Honza 55 44 has discovered on the latest Bubsy game "Paws on Fire".   While there has been much uncovered, such as the fact shown from earlier game trailers that the first boss was actually supposed to be Poly and Ester, the Woolie Queen:




But most exciting for me, and for those helping on the Bubsy Fan Wiki, are actual names of the enemies in Paws on Fire.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!   They are...




Exciting stuff.   Honza has done some great sleuthing into this latest game, and hopefully we'll add more in the future.


Wrapping this up, how about some art.   Bubsy fans are always drawing great art, and finding art!




I tried my hand at 3D printing the Busby "Games Done Quick" award pattern.  It had challenges but not a bad first go.




Speaking of art, some art done over Twitch...





Loved this one...



There is a lot of good art out there.   Good time to be a Bubsy fan.  :D



Also for those that are looking for a Jaguar to play "Fractured Furry Tales" there is currently an auction for a complete system and Bubsy for a nickel short of $350.  It is like they had us in mind.  :D  


Alright, wrapping this up for the Bubsy Wiki editors to read.  You all take care and stay safe.


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