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Bubsy 2 (Preview Prototype)

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Busby the Bobcat


I found the blog by Buyatari, that talks about Bubsy 2 preview prototype for Sega Genesis. Which is pretty interesting considering, that they got that only people, who previewed this game in 1994. Those were Scott Barnes, Alex V. Cabal, Harry Chavez, Dexx Dorris, Steve Fallas, Richard Gangwish, Sandy Jackson, Chris Nash, Kevin Seiter and James A. Vitales. So only 10 copies of it. 


Here are pictures, that he showed:

imageproxy1.jpg.cb600700acbf612b6e5aa99bef29dcfb.jpg   imageproxy2.jpg.a2e8861c4d3aee3efef4b5379b34ff1f.jpg


imageproxy3.jpg.a83926f50c8fbe566d934be5635c0d08.jpg   imageproxy4.jpg.ea4eab1451307e901cba92f658dbecd3.jpg




Just like Bubsy 1 prototype, there's a theory, that it might have some screenshots of the prototype of this game besides the title screen. It's proven by looking threw magazines, that is mentioned and look at  screenshots of the game and see, if there's any difference. Here are screenshots I've found so far and the comparison. 


tumblr_paipdmXacY1rkrwaco1_500.jpg.45f029887683f818865629caf32a1c5c.jpg    bubsy-2.png.cb4db037cea7da2b69c5a9d35813cf88.png  

The early title screen of Bubsy 2 (there's also a text: Preview copy only! 1/28/94)


3.thumb.png.ce5291bfd00da0d14cb24e95284441bc.png    103420-bubsy-ii-snes-screenshot-menu-design-in-the-snes-version-is.gif.ecc7857cdb69665d1f8f7518cec64842.gif

An interesting early version of this menu

(interesting enough, that's from SNES, so there's a chance that the prototype of Bubsy 2 for SNES exist) 


1.thumb.png.7add2bd25307201ab7651154a6780c82.png   2.thumb.png.fee0f41d14e28e26691f547c88413bb8.png  4.thumb.png.250593d8d29af1e522b89e6c6d50f745.png     

There are three interesting screenshots of what appears to be a level of space. There are two differences: first, the background is the sky from a plane level instead of space background. And second, there is an unused sprite of a globe with a ring. 



The most interesting thing about an early version of Bubsy 2 is that it had a weapon, that it doesn't exist in the final release: a pie. 

However, the pie weapon is included on Bubsy 2 for Gameboy.




Not only there is NTSC and PAL prototype of Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, but there's also a preview prototype of Bubsy 2.

canthaveit7-20.jpg.cbfc5330c98bedb33183ff0881da1b60.jpg.3fc302eb555f776cd4a10ebed21c0a35.jpg  18037192.jpg.da70fc33325d4e8bdf556e5e73c4bec0.jpg  1539342600_DjgKbx5VsAEpz9gkopija.thumb.jpg.652fa0c1b176a79d1966403ce5746a38.jpg                 imageproxy1.jpg.cb600700acbf612b6e5aa99bef29dcfb.jpg







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Good question with a simple answer. It's a regular pie. When you throw a pie at the enemy, the enemy dies.

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11 hours ago, Busby the Bobcat said:

Good question with a simple answer. It's a regular pie. When you throw a pie at the enemy, the enemy dies.

Okay, thanks for responding

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