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KXBII updated manual & update UNO for TI-99

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Couple of updates here:

1.) Having never had the original manual for KXBII (Kull XBII) I had to make up the manual as I tested it out. One problem that has been plaguing me is that occasionally the disk that I had KXBII (or a program wrote in KXBII) would randomly corrupt. Well after much more testing I found that you need to do a CALL INIT before you save a file after using KXBII. It's notes in the new v3 manual attached. See my https://ti99resources.wordpress.com/ for the complete KXBII package.

2.) the KXBII version of Uno that I wrote on my emulator looked absolutely horrible on a real TI99 with a real monitor. I re-wrote the program to change the colors to look much more palatable. Also fixed and added a few things to both the KXBII version and the standard version.


KXBII Manual v3.pdf UNO.dsk

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