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5 hours ago, McCallister said:

Excellent holiday strip! This made me laugh out loud several times!

Thank you! Usually my target is "mildly amused", so I consider that a win! ;) 

4 hours ago, SpiceWare said:

That's great! I love seeing the strip full-sized like a Sunday newspaper would've printed it. 50 years ago. :roll: 

4 hours ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

Thanks a lot for this very nice Christmas present. :thumbsup:


Looking forward to brighter times...

You're welcome! Glad I can bring a little holiday cheer to the community! Plus, I'm never one to pass up an opportunity to poke fun at the Intellivision. ;) 

1 hour ago, GoldLeader said:

Nice!   I daresay you've outdone yourself Nathan!

Thank you! It was a very last-minute idea, and doing all of that copying-and-pasting took way longer than it should've, but it was fun to do. :D 

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9 minutes ago, GoldLeader said:

Yeah it looks like it would have been a lot of work!

The work for this one really boiled down to two things (boring behind-the-scenes info ahead):

  • Some of the artwork assets (most of the TVs/monitors) didn't have screenshots, highlights or shading set up for them, because I used to do all of that, per strip, as a final step. So previously, each screenshot had to be masked, then highlighted/shaded in Photoshop, one at a time. Awhile ago I started building that into the Illustrator art assets I use on a regular basis, which makes putting new strips together faster. Now I just have to update a link to replace a screenshot, and the shading is already in place on separate layers. So for this episode, I had so many assets that weren't set up yet, I had to choose between doing them all manually again, or updating the assets so they're future-proofed. So I went through and updated all of those assets (somedays I think just drawing it would be faster :roll: ).
  • Gathering up screenshots and labels for everything takes a surprising amount of time. The more monitors and labels that are visible in the strip, the more time it takes to find enough material to cover them all. Homebrew labels are particularly difficult if there are no clean scans available. Fortunately, the labels are all so small, they don't have to be perfectly clean.
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12 minutes ago, atari2600land said:

Where is the Jaguar?

We've never had one in the strip. They're just not very funny. Unless you count the whole Coleco Chameleon/RetroVGS thing.

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I just saw this *now*, but was warmed by how happy artie and all his friends were in the group picture.


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