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Flying fly

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I'm still a little woozy from that doozy of an eye ache I had. Nevertheless, I decided to work on the fly swatting mini game in Frank the Fruit Fly. I forgot that when it comes up, you need to press A to start it. I was all "how come I didn't make it so the hand moves? I thought I did." Then I remembered that you need to press A to start it. So a few hours later, and the fly can move in 8 directions and stand still. I wish I could get rid of the standing still part, but the way I programmed it, I have no choice.


To save room (since I don't know how much I have), I am getting two separate variables from random: the x position and the y position. If the x position is 0 then Frank will only move up and down. If the y position is 0 then Frank will only move left and right. And if both x and y are 0, then that means Frank stands still. I could program it so that it picks a direction between 0 and 7 which would solve the standing still problem, but that would take way more space and work.


Again, after I reset my computer a couple of days ago, the Pokemon Mini compiler is still on my computer as well as the emulator, which is weird because I had to reinstall Photoshop.

The numbers work. They are tiles. I am so glad we don't have 26 different numbers like we have 26 different letters. Working with base 26 would be weird, hard, and awful.


Now that I have the fly up and moving around, the next thing I'm going to work on is collision detection. I hope to have Frank the Fruit Fly completed by September in time for the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon Mini.

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