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The Xybortians in their Xybortex ships are attacking Earth. I'm imagining a Xevious-type game (hence the name) for the Odyssey 2. And so I've designed a title screen for my vertical shooter I want to accomplish. This will be a 4k game. Due to the fact that I have yet to work on the game itself. Bank 3 is my intro and the title screen, while Bank 2 will be the main game itself. I have quite a lot of room in Bank 3. Here is a picture of the title screen of Xybort.


This took all night to do, lining up everything at just the right location. There will eventually be a score down at the bottom. It may look simple, but it isn't. The shading took a while to construct. I am actually using all 4 sprites for it. And two 'square' characters. I thought the characters had different hues than the sprites, but it worked out that it didn't for some reason. Now my sleeping habits are all screwed up. I sleep all day and am awake all night. This is due to me feeling sleepy when I get up at 2 p.m. so I go back to sleep. It is boring just laying there waiting to go to sleep. I wish we didn't have to go to sleep and could just recharge our bodies with food. I worked on my novel. The one that doesn't use the letter 'e'. I looked at the last time I updated it: some time in 2018. Time sure flies.


By the way, the code in the previous blog entry was for something different.

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