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Back to work...

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OK, ENOUGH tomfoolery with Gilgamesh. :D


I did a little more work on the "tune" last night. Well, to be more precise, since I last posted about the tune, I did some more work on paper laying out how the structure of the song and, last night, I started to impose that structure on the tune.


Here are the froots of my labors: tune20060710.bin


I didn't change the melody at all, I just added some drum breaks and some drums underneath the harmony part near the (current) end.


Basically, it sounds...not so good. I hesitated posting this for just that reason but then I thought, ah what the heck. I made some progress, might as well post it. It sounds iffy because I added some of the structure to the song, but a lot of what I added are just placeholders; so it sounds very unfinished.

Here, I'll try to partially reproduce the proposed structure of the song here:

Intro (both voices)
High voice
Low voice
Drum break (thinking)
Both voices (frantic)
Harmony (interlude-like)
Drum break (thinking)
High voice
High voice (prematurely triumphant)
Drum break (thinking)
Both voices (frantic!)
Drum break (thinking)
Low voice (optimistic)
Drum break (thinking)
High voice (tentative)
Low voice (triumphant!)

I suppose I'll reveal that this is aiming to be the title song for Fourplay (Four Play?) - the idea here is to represent, sort of, a game between red and blue with the song. Hopefully it will work. :ponder:

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Thanks for the reminder, Bob. I need to get back to work too, as OVGE is not that far away. I'll reluctantly set aside studying E0 bankswitching conversion for another time.


The music is coming along nicely. Between your music and Nathan's artwork, it'll be by far a better title screen than I could do alone.


(p.s. It's spelled Four-Play. :D)

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