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Shoot. (part 2)

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So it took a lot of hours of programming. Woke up at 2 when it began snowing. Worked and worked and took a break to watch Jeopardy! at 7. Went back to work and now it's almost 9 and I have it: a game where you can shoot. The red dot is where you shot at on the screen. I took that sample code, worked a lot on it to match my title screen. I tested my code with a real XE Light Gun and it works good. This will have to be at least a 4k game since I only have 246 bytes left as it as a 2k game.


What I plan to do is add some flies and check to see if the red dot collided with a randomly moving fly. So now all I have is a ball on the screen. I can add both players and missiles. I don't know how many people still have a CRT for this type of gaming. And also, it is kind of sad that in order for it this type of stuff to work, you need an outdated type of TV.

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