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Back in business

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So I finally found the CD-ROM of that program that let me make videos and DVDs. I had to reinstall it. That took about an hour. And I couldn't just leave it on its own because I had to keep clicking on buttons that kept popping up. I got done with the program installing and took it for a spin. It works just as I remembered it did before it quit working for some reason (this was when I had enough and decided to factory-reset the entire computer.)


Anyway, the point is I can make DVDs again. Why is that important? Because a few years ago, I released a couple of ActionMax homebrew DVDs. One was called Bubba's Buck Blastin' and the other was called Snowman's Land. The files were on my computer even though the program wasn't. I checked the BBB file and it loads up perfectly. So I'm back in business. Just in case anyone wants a homebrew ActionMax DVD. And you really should play Hydrosub: 2021 because it is actually 2021 now. I hope to later this year when I am up to it. I think I know where the ActionMax stuff is in the pantry.

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This is pretty damn cool Chris! I dont have an Action Max, but did pick up one of the VHS game tapes a while back. When I get some time I will read up on how the system works. The concept is reminding me about my idea of doing homebrew 8-tracks for the 2-XL. I was thinking someone could do a "choose your own adventure" thing on 2-XL. Doubt I will ever get around to it. I do admire how you use your spare time!!

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I figured out how to register a hit. It's quite simple, really. First, you put a white dot on the screen and a white dot in the lower right hand corner of the screen where you place the sensor. Then go to the next frame (at 30 fps) and put in black dots on the screen. If you do this fifteen times in a row, you'll have a detectable flashing light to hit that is on screen for about 1 second. The longer you want it to stay on screen, the more frames with dots you'll need to put in. If you want to subtract points from it, make sure the dots are opposite (i.e. white dot on the screen and black dot in the sensor area.) I guess the sensor area can be anywhere on the screen, but since the original games put it there, I decided to put it there too.

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