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Code rearranging

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As my Quest of the Cranberry game grows, it became apparent that the password code part was not going to go well where it was. So began the quest to move it to a position and not break anything. This only took 15 minutes. So if you play version 51, it might look no different than version 50, but it isn't so code-wise. I moved the password code part which was at the beginning to the end of the game's code. Thus, I hope to be able to add more code to it for more levels and not have it break as easily.


I played my Sega Dreamcast today for about an hour. I played billiards. Some people are going to videotape our sewers and we're not supposed to flush our toilets when they do it. I hear a truck backing up beep, so it is probably soon. I went to bed at 4 p.m. (missed the entire Super Bowl.) I was depressed when I heard the Bucs won. I was rooting for the Chiefs because I got sick of hearing about how goat-y Tom Brady is. But, on the plus side, we may get more snow later this week. Or at least that's what they're predicting. We usually get no snow or one snow event each winter here, so two would be interesting (we had one earlier this winter. where we got about 2 inches.) I want to stay awake so I don't get >12 hours of sleep each night, but staying awake is a real struggle. But I don't know why I should care how much sleep I get, but I like to have my mind be active, and having it be idle for half my life is making me depressed. But so is struggling to stay awake. I can't win...

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