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I suck at drawing.

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If it has anything to do with art, I like to do it, but the results are, well, bad. I was looking at some of the Atari 2600 manuals. The white ones with pictures at the center of the screen that look hand-drawn and sketchy, yet amazingly life-like. I wondered what I could do with Uncle Hairy's Nosehair.


In the center is Uncle Hairy, (looking unintentionally a lot like Butthead), pointing to his nosehair. The hand with the scissors is the nephew (you) as he is about to cut the nosehair. To the right, the red fellow is the nosehair demon. And, finally, he's trying to get a box above him. Even though I am not going to use this as real art for the game, I will give this to whomever wants to do the art and say "Make it look like this, but not sucky." And that's if a.) I'm ever going to finish it and b.) someone wants to publish it (I'm counting on neither but hey, it could happen.)

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Still about 100 times better than I ever would be able to draw, or even compose in Photoshop.

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