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Count's Castle: Numbers

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I was rudely interrupted by a power outage for six whole days. I just now got the internet back for some reason. Yes, friends, I had no electricity between Feb. 13-18. Luckily, we didn't freeze to death thanks to the gas fireplace that doesn't use electricity. They said 90% of our area would be restored by tomorrow evening, so I was thinking we would fall into the unfortunate 10%. But shortly after 4 p.m., the power miraculously returned! But there was a problem: I had no internet.

But that issue resolved itself somehow just now and it's a little after 9 p.m. when I'm writing this now. Before the power outage, I made some changes to the title screen involving the letter t.


I think that looks a lot better and more straightened. I also attempted to get the keypad working. I thought I did, so I thought to myself "I'll just test it later." Then we had a power outage that lasted 6 days. But I tested it a few hours ago with my Harmony cart and it works okay. I also got a random number generator working.


The number on the right is the number of objects that will appear on the screen for the kid to count (so obviously it's not going to show up when it's all finished.) The number on the left is the key the kid presses. For instance, I pressed the 3 key here. This took some time because I couldn't get a random number to appear since I didn't seed the RNG. Then, once I seeded it, a whole bunch of difficulty with the display happened. But that is gone (for now). The next thing to do is to try and figure out how to display the bats the kid needs to count. The number is between 2-9. (Because you just can't count 1 thing.) And a background would look good too. Perhaps I'll do that first. And I'll post the latest binary here just in case you care (it needs the children's controller - select "Keypad" for left controller in Stella.)


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