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Count's Castle: Batty

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I need a new bat sprite. After hours and hours of work, I FINALLY got it to work. Nine bats, and the Count will eventually be standing there as well (It's that little multicolored blob in the lower left of the picture.) It's multicolored just to see if I could make it multicolored. And because it needs to be multicolored. And I can't draw the Count, so someone will have to design that for me.


Yes, I know that's not 7 bats. And I will redesign the 7 so it looks more 7-ish. And the bats are there flapping their wings in a two-frame animation (that will hopefully be eventually replaced). And now comes the hard part: Making sure the number of bats on the screen matches the number it chose to be. This will probably be the hardest part of programming the game. I'll need more code in the bat drawing part which already has a whole bunch of code in it.

And that's an awfully dark castle you've got there, Count. Kind of looks like my room when the power was out at night. Except for the bats. So I'll probably work on that too after I get the numbers correct. But first, I need to enjoy my power I got back on yesterday (27 hours ago.)

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