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Count's Castle: Correct

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So I finally got the right amount of bats on the screen:


There are five bats on the screen, and the number of bats is five. But I hit a roadblock: A weird bug. When I reset the game 39 times, the bats quit flapping. On the 40th reset, the bats disappeared. I have NO idea what caused that to happen, but I think I fixed it. I also made a floor for the (eventual) Count to stand on. I also had trouble with the scanline count. But through trial and error I made it a steady 262 scanlines.


Tried it on a real Kid's Controller and real hardware. I think my Kid's Controller has a little issue with the middle column. It seems like I need to press extra hard a couple of times to get it to register a press, whereas on Stella, it does it right away. So here's a list of things I want to do with the game now that I have the correct number of bats:

  • Replace bat and Count sprites
  • Spruce up the screens
  • Add some sound effects
  • Make button presses logic (so if the kid presses a button, it does something besides display a number)
  • Get rid of bat number total
  • Redesign numbers

And probably some more stuff I'm forgetting. I am wondering what type of material is used to make the overlays. It's stronger than regular paper, yet not cardboard-y. I am also wondering when I turn on the Atari 2600 with a Harmony Cart in and a Kid's Controller in the left side why the menu goes crazy. It automatically scrolls through the choices. I have 2,533 left in a 4k game, but I think I may have to make this 8k to match the other Sesame Street games. Astute people will notice I changed my avatar. That is the logo of Children's Computer Workshop. But I am making the first C "Chris's". I spent a lot of time redesigning the first C so its opening is more open, yet still curved the way it was. I think it was more closed than it should have been. I am still proud of me being able to for the most part match it on my computer.


The internet button on my router is flashing intermittently. But I'm not worried. It's been about 1.75 days since power was restored. It's nice to go into the bathroom and have the lights come on when I flip the switch. And it's also nice to be able to play TV video games again.

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