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Life handed me lemons.

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Okay. I got this far with the Count's Castle game before I figured not many people would be interested in it, so I'm dropping it.


And my Count looks like Mr. Turniphead. Besides, I have other things to work on, like that lemon game I started a few years ago and never finished. Figuring out how to use INTV flash memory is hard. I don't know how but I managed to do it. I don't get how it saved the number of lemons collected, even when I didn't tell it to, though. I wanted it to do that, so that's good. Right now I'm starting on level 3 of the lemon game. I want to make an Adventure-like game for the Intellivision. But with my sense of humor and non-sequiturs (My History Teacher Ate Lemons is, I think, the best one I've ever thought up so far.)


It is a title of an old noise track. I make CDs of weird noises and give the tracks really odd titles. Speaking of that, I should get back to work on a half-filled one I stopped working on. Oh, the projects I have. I spent about 8 hours today on my lemon game trying to get the save function working. Which is all day. I woke up at 11 a.m. and really wanted to go back to sleep even though I got 12 hours of sleep. I hate going to sleep, but when I'm asleep I hate waking up. It's a vicious, never-ending cycle.


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