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I haven't posted anything to my webcomic for the past 9 days. This is due to the power outage I had for 6 days earlier this month. Not only could I not scan anything, I couldn't think of anything. I was too depressed to because there was no electricity. Well, once I got my electricity back, I decided to continue it even though probably no one reads it. I have to fill my day with something to do so I don't get bored, right? The previous comic is this one, from February 19:


I have been typing the words out, but recently I tried to do this with better handwriting. But I failed, as you can see here. The caption is that because the previous 5 comics were all about leopards. Not really a very funny animal to begin with, but I tried to bring humor to the leopard mammal. But beginning Monday, I'll be posting comics there again at chrisread.comicgenesis.com for anyone to read. You can view my past comics there as well. I think it's really akin to "The Argyle Sweater." And sometimes I think the guy who draws "Pearls Before Swine" peeks in on my life. Starting March 1, I will type out the words permanently. The only thing I'll write in handwriting is my signature. ("read" is my last name, not a plea to read the comic.) And I just drew 4 more comics. I can fit 6 on a page. If they were actual STRIPS, 8 can fit on one page. And, as usual, drawing tips are very appreciated.

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