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Big bee

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Today I spent some time working on the minigame portion of Frank the Fruit Fly for the Pokemon Mini. I think this will be my first full-fledged game NOT to get a cartridge release. There's just too few Pokemon Mini cartridges out there apparently. Someone told me it wouldn't be cost efficient to make a cartridge release of this.

So I put a bee in the minigame where you swat flies. Yes, that's right. In the minigame, the object of it is to swat flies. I couldn't think of something to do involving flies and have it to be easier to program other than this. But I fear the bee is too big.


I say that because he's hard to avoid and my high score is 7. I made the timer start at 5, but it was still too easy, so I decided to try and see if I could put a bee in it. I succeeded, but I need to make the bee smaller.

The minigame is only accessible via password. So you have to be fooling around with it trying to make words out of it in order to see it if you don't know the password for it. The game is almost done, so I think it will definitely be done by September like I wanted it to be.


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