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Smaller bee

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I worked some more on the minigame and the bee moving code. Before I had it the bee moved every frame, but now it only changes direction when the fly does. Also, I made it so the bee flaps his wings better. There are two ways a game can end in the minigame: touch a bee, or make the fly swatting timer be 0. You have nine seconds to try to swat the fly without running into the deadly bee. I also took a few tries at redesigning a smaller bee. In the end, this is what people liked:


The fly animation has three frames, while the bee only has two. I feel that if I designed a bee sprite with its wings in the middle, it would look too much like the second one. And the bee looks good flapping anyway. I was going to include an animated gif of the bee, but the background was black, even though it was transparent in Discord and looked fine there. I ended up going to sleep at about 4 a.m. and waking up at about 5 p.m. I don't know why. Also, every day feels like it's Saturday for some reason. I must remind myself it's Wednesday so I can live like a normal person.


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