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Oric-al part 2

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So I sneaked a look at Oric assembly. It looks way hard. All I could do was print words on the screen. I figured even adding circles and lines is better than this. So I guess I'm just doomed to BASIC for a very, very long time. Nevertheless, I made some improvements to what I had in the title screen department. My title screen now looks like this:


I drew a little picture of a hamburger. Or as close to a hamburger as you can get in BASIC HIRES mode. But some sad news, all the items have to be the same color. So the burger will be shooting french fries at onion rings. At least it still plays the little tune I made. At least I will work with LORES mode for the in-game part. I'm thinking something similar to my GoSub game I made for the Oric a million years ago. I can simplify things by having onion rings be the letter O and a fry be the hyphen. Then all I'd need to do is change the letter Q to look like a burger. Or something. My program is only <600 bytes. I am thinking of just giving up altogether since all this looks crappy.

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