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Cruizin' Playstation Communities - Bubsy Forever - March 2021





For those of us that were on the Playstation Communities, Bubsy Forever was probably the bigger of the message threads you could be on to talk about the Bubster.


Run by Artemus311 the messages take us through the events of Bubsy from November 2017 to March 2021.   In it, Bubsy fans shared the excitement of playing Bubsy Woolies Strike Back and Paws on Fire, along with talk of other media, movies, other fun tangents.


Earlier this month Sony announced that the Playstation Communities will be discontinued in April 2021.


So you still have a few days to get on there and leave a message for the other Bubsy fans.


In the meantime, just in case, the Bubsy Fan Blog remembers that pawsome Bubsy hangout with the attached screen shots of that place.


Bubsy Forever.zip


And for those of you visiting the Bubsy Fan Blog from the Bubsy Playstation communities, welcome!   Stick around here for some more Bubsy news.


Also check out the Officious Bubsy Fan Group at https://discord.com/channels/568953142058942504


-Bubsy Fan Blog

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Tried to get on the Playstation Communities the other day and they are now gone.

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