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Cruizin' Playstation Communities - Part 2: Other Groups - March 2021





In the previous message we mentioned the Bubsy Forever group.   In this one we have the messages from the "Bubsy Bobcat" group which had more members but less message traffic than the Bubsy Forever Group.   Also the more odd "REAL BUBSY FANS 4 LIFE" group.


Finally, we have another attachment that shows the other Bubsy groups that existed, though usually with a message or so if that.  The "Rule 34 Virgil" group had some fair message traffic and tame despite the name and was based on Bubsy:Paws On Fire.


For fun we created "Bubsy Bobcat!  WE WANT MORE!!" and the Zool group just for fun, even though they will also be closed a week or so.  :P


All this going on, wonder how the Bubsy Steam groups are doing?   Hmmm..


Again to the Playstation Community, was some fun!  :D


-Bubsy Fan Blog


Bubsy Bobcat.zip

Real Bubsy Fans for Life.zip

Rule 34 Virgil and others.zip



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