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X vs. O (part 2)

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"Ever since they were invented, the letters X and O have been enemies. X is jealous of O because O comes before X in the alphabet, and O is jealous of X because it doesn't look like a big fat zero. The centuries-long struggle between the two - from tic-tac-toe to sports play drawups - has finally come to a point where they can't stand it any more, and they are going to fight. And that fight is on your Atari 2600."


I have decided to make a game featuring the two letters as my next project. It will be like Outlaw (or Gunslinger, if you swing that way), but a little different. How, I don't know because I don't know what the game is going to be like, but now that Uncle Hairy's Nosehair is pretty much completed, I want to begin on a new 2600 programming adventure.


And what an adventure this has been so far. Hours of trying to make the scanline a steady 262. I got this:


The arena where the two letters will duke it out. How they will fight, I don't know. What I do know is one letter will win once their score gets to 9. Or perhaps I'll make it so it starts at 9, so it's like a health meter, and the first letter to get 0 loses, like it is in Mortal Kombat.


If anyone has any ideas for the game, let me know.

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