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All the Mascots - Jaguar VidPro Cards



Good morning, a great day for fans of Jaguar Game Mascots as a Lot of 22 VidPro Card for Atari Jaguar games has been spotted on eBay!


What are VidPro Cards?   Well we first talked about this on the AtariAge Jaguar forum where JagMod confirmed the Jaguar VidPro cards did exist.   Also on the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog I talk a little about VidPro Cards.   So that said, I'm going to repost the pictures of the VidPro cards here:




Right off the bat we notice there are two types of cards... picture and windowed.  More than likely for cards from two different stores?  Checking the auction is says:


"Beautiful lot of 22 Toys R Us VidPro Cards for the Atari Jaguar.  The Atari Jaguar versions of these are extremely rare as the system was not popular and quickly disappeared from store shelves.  Lot includes some very rare titles, but even Checkered Flag is very rare when it comes to VidPro cards.  None offered or sold within the last 90 days on eBay!"


Very true on the 90 days part.  I had a notification for VidPro and I keep getting pictures of Roman Coins.  Amazing how cheap they are!   But here they are.




Wow Rayman, Bubsy (naturally the first one I noticed), Pitfall, and the characters on FlipOut are cute.   Quite a few other good cards.




Wow, both versions of the Zool card. 😮   Nice Nice!


So Jaguar Mascot fans, we'll see how this auction goes.


Out of these cards, which Jaguar Mascot and characters do you like?   The two of Doom?


Ultra Vortek?   I think I'd go all in if they had the Kasumi Ninja card.  Some interesting characters in that one.  :P


How about you?






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