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X vs. O (part 4)

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I had insomnia last night. This led to me working in the middle of the night on an Atari 2600 game. I tried to sleep later today earlier, but I couldn't. So I worked on this some more. First, I had to get rid of the (C) 2021 on the title screen. They appear scrambled because the graphic data will most likely will break a page boundary. (8 x 13=104, so it most likely will, compared to the usual ten digits, which is only 80.)


This is the improved arena.


The O will come out of one of the four buildings. But if you think that's easy, wait until the O starts moving around and I program the l in. I don't know if I can reuse missiles on other parts of the screen. Yes, I said l. Bees kind of look out of place in a game about letters. So I'm going to change it to a lowercase l. They're easy to draw: just a straight line. I think the l will have to be yellow since the playfield blocks are yellow.


Next came the hard part: Stabilizing the scanline count at 262. I had it, but in a way I didn't like. The player could press fire and get multiple Os in one button press if the O came out the same place. But eventually I found a way to make it so the O only regenerates if the player depresses the fire button and stay at 262 scanlines.


I don't seem all that tired which is weird because I've only had a couple of hours of sleep since yesterday morning. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. It's hot in here for the first time since last summer. An almost 70-degree day outside.

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