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An eye for an i

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So after getting a lowercase l in the game, I tried my hand at making it a lowercase i instead. I have no idea why, but I had a ton of trouble getting the base part to be 8 pixels tall. When I pressed fire on the title screen, it flashed the in-game screen and then reset itself. But I kept working and trying multiple things until I got it a lowercase i like I wanted.


I also learned it has to be a yellow i since it's the ball and since PFx makes up the fence's color, the ball's color has to be it. I tried changing it to white but I couldn't and gave up. So it's yellow. I guess it's good because it's visible that way. But bad because I can't make it lean up on the fence like the X and O can because it would just blend in with the fence. The next thing to do is make the o and i move around.


And since the score got weird, I decided I had better just use a "align 256" comment after all, so the copyright notice is back when you first power the game up. I also thought there was a bright yellow that was more white, but this is the whitest I could make the yellow. The "align 256" comment takes away about 100 bytes of code from me, so I have 394 bytes of code left in a 2k game. I think this will have to end up being a 4k game. Then I could actually fit some music on the title screen.


I ordered Crazy Climber on eBay and it was supposed to come today but it didn't and the tracking on it last updated March 30. So I'm worried.

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