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Fooling around with NES programming (part 2)

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I had insomnia last night. It took me three tries to get to sleep. I eventually got to sleep at 6 a.m. I woke up at 2 p.m. or so, and that's only 8 hours. I figure that's all I need, but I'm so sleepy. Since I couldn't go to sleep last night, I worked on my NES game. I spruced up the title screen. I added some new things.


The first new thing I added was a copyright notice.

And then I went hard at work, and eventually I added music. The next step was to figure out FamiTracker and replace it with my own music, which I did.

And then, since I couldn't sleep, I made it so when you press B, it shoots a French Fry out, complete with sound effect.

As I was typing this blog entry, I thought about a change I could make to the code to make it easier on myself: move the controls into its own section and then call it. So I did that. That works great. So now I have a title screen done. Now to work on it some more.


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