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Cruizin' Atariage - why the hell did I not buy this?!- April 2021



(Submitted by Doctor Clu)


So this was originally written in the "Why the hell did I not buy this?!" thread here on AtariAge.

"a thread for items that you thought you would never need/want but looking back, you think you should have gotten it. "


Got many collections but Bubsy Bobcat is one of the few that I've tried to hunt down everything possible for and try to buy it.   Must admit, I like Bubsy collecting because I can afford the occasional thing that pops up every now and then.   He's a delightful character, the game development for all the releases are a fun triumph in their own ways.  The other Bubsy fans I've met along the way are all generally likeable too.  So for this thread I mentioned the Bubsy collection.  And for that I remarked:



I work to not live with too much regret.    I've done pretty well as a Bubsy Bobcat and Zool: Alien Ninja from the nth Dimension collector.

Both of those collections I have some rare items I'm proud of...

20200405_140234.jpg.0da124aece2aa2c0cd1577f0e8dc3747.jpg.1447c8e2241a289440a344bd04fe3a30.jpg  :D  1817514923_ScreenShot2021-04-06at12_31_36AM.png.6d37085a67baca113e1a89753df5f066.png


That said, as a Bubsy Bobcat collector, there are some things that got away, but I am happy to know they exist.   Most of the time it was just timing and funds.   Or someone just wanted it more, and well, kudos to them!  :P



Two very rare items came up at once.   The Bubsy sunglasses as a Babbages promotional item...



And an invite to the promotional party at a CES for the launch of Bubsy...



I decided to let the flip-flop go, and went all in for the sunglasses, giving a $100 ceiling for the auction.  And lost!

Till then I never paid any great amount for Bubsy merchandise, but was shocked when someone wanted those sunglasses that much.  😮

Other Bubsy fans existed, possibly more fanatical than me?    Shock!!


in 2020 the Bubsy plush I showed at the beginning showed on ebay for the first time in a decade, and I learned from the above story.   I took all steps necessary to make sure to secure that plush, being up against not only Bubsy collectors but PLUSH collectors who had already deemed it a holy grail.   They could have it.. for the cost of a used car!  :D   So gained wisdom from the lost flip flip and sunglasses.



Development hand drawn maps were put on ebay from Bubsy: Fractured Furry Tales game producer Faran Thomason.



Reason for not buying them?   That I had ripped the actual maps from the game rom.  :P

But would have been a nice piece from the development of the game looking back.  There are such few merchandise and collectables for the Jaguar Bubsy game.  Just glad we have these shots of the maps though.  Kinda nice.



Had just made a large purchase two weeks ago and as a collector when I use credit for large purchases I work to pay that off before another large purchase.


And so naturally, days later, my first sighting of Toys R' Us VidPro cards for the Jaguar appeared.  A lot of 22 of them.  $499 to buy it now, and with a $199 starting bid.  Also naturally, a Bubsy Vid Pro card was in there.  The first sighting I'd seen of this card... ever.  :P




I have other Bubsy vidPro cards, but little known fact...  Bubsy: Fractured Furry Tales is my favorite Bubsy game.  ;)   So would have been nice to pick that up, but not for $499.   There were other cards that would have made the $199 worth it.  Probably would have resold about 19 of them.   Held off till the last minute, and in this instance, was out-sniped. 


Oh well, it would be boring to have a complete collection, right?   Gotta be something out there worth hunting down.


As they said in Pirates of Dark Water "Always the Quest!"


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