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Burgers in the sky (NES)

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Added the beginnings of level 1. The burger is in the sky. But I fear that eventually I'll run out of room in the allotted 24KB, and I don't know what to do when that happens because I don't know how to bankswitch. Even Super Mario Bros., a fairly simple game, is 40KB. How did they manage that? Oh well. One thing I kept fighting is that when I reset the game, the clouds from the sky showed up on the title screen. I don't know why. You'd think that when the game was reset, everything would be 0 and the screen would be reset as well, but no. So what I did was made the clouds disappear at the beginning of the game, even if they weren't there to begin with.


I just bought a $109 NES Everdrive so I can test this (and other) games out. I figure saves and crap wouldn't be necessary because I don't know how to do that, and I have no need to do that. And since I just want to do one game at a time, that would be good enough, so I don't need a menu to pick games from or anything. When I compile it, though, it said the music code had "suspicious" parts to it.


WHY IS IT SUSPICIOUS? TELL ME! But it works so far in emulation.

I shortened the fry to one 8x8 sprite. So now it looks like a steak fry. Which I guess is okay. But it's white. I'll have to work on that.



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