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My woes

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Mom thinks the dog is dying. We had to take mom to the doctor's office after her hospital stay. When we got back, we had food and boy did the dog want it. I don't know why mom can't see the dog jumping around and playing and yet she's all "She's not OK, she's dying!" The dog is walking around without trouble. She wants to eat food. The dog is fine. Mom loves that dog, and it would be sad for all of us if she died, but she isn't any time soon. There's something wrong with Mom's brain and none of the doctors have had success in finding any pills to treat it. And I have to live with Mom moping and saying she can't do anything.

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Chris, I know you are probably kidding about hanging yourself, but joking about it can be the edge of a slippery slope. Either way, it sounds like you need to find someone to talk about this stuff, and I don't mean us knuckleheads on AA. Not that I mind listening, but you could definitely find someone better qualified to give advice on how to cope. Hang in there buddy.

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Took out the hanging comment. I don't know what to do, though. I just don't know. If Mom found out I posted any of this stuff, she'd freak out.

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I guess it's not likely she would be lurking on AA, but I hear ya. It sound like the doctors haven't been able to solve her problems, so its not too likely you will either, but still keep thinking on it. It seems like the best shot is to work on your ability to cope. I am betting that throwing yourself into all the projects you do has been a good coping mechanism in the past, but maybe not enough right now? I can tell you one thing though, you are important to me for just that reason; my life is so hectic and my free time so limited that I live vicariously through all the projects you dig into. So thanks for posting all that stuff, sorry I dont give more feedback, but I am reading the blog posts as they come up. Don't think that what you do doesn't have a point, because it certainly does to me.

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