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This needs to stop.

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Today I had a fight with mom. She thinks there's no food for the dog. There are 14 cans of dog food in the cupboard, a few dozen jars of baby food are also up there for the dog. I tried telling her this, and she's adamant the dog is starving to death. I can't take much more of this. I can't take any more of this. What the Hell am I going to do? The hospital couldn't help her, perhaps they could help me. She's making me more and more insane every day.

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Chris, you need to talk to someone asap. I not talking about psychiatric help, necessarily, just a crisis line where people understand what resources are available and help you think through it with a clear head. There is a crisis line for Marion county: 503-581-5535 or 800-560-5535. If they are not the right ones to handle helping you, I am sure they do know the right ones. You may have anxiety over making this call, but sometimes you just need to take a brave first step. There are people willing to help if you reach out. 

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