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Those darn Wambotians.

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With Pipe Down! we made a pithy paragraph* pertaining to plumber Pat's problem filled with nothing but words beginning with P to put on the instruction booklet. If ZipZap gets released, I would like to do the same thing with a different letter. I chose W and made this one:

"Weaken weaselly Westward warships with wondrous weaponry! Why wait while wicked Wambotian Wizards wander wildly?" I think it's wonderful. That's the kind of thing I do when I get trapped in the bathroom needing to poop for half an hour. I eventually stop, but still sit on the toilet while finishing the project at hand. I like to use the word "Wambot" in my stuff I make. That started when I said "wombat" wrongly. So when I needed a fictional race of aliens that started with W, they became Wambots. Plus, the "bot" part makes it sound plausible.


It's been a VERY hard day for me. I hope it will be better soon. I want it to.


*The one in Pipe Down! is only one sentence though. I said "paragraph" because it starts with a P. And two sentences like the one in ZipZap is technically a paragraph. I forgot who it was that thought up "Permanently pulverize prolific pests permeating Plumber Pat's prized plumbing project." But I like it.

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