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Count's Castle: The battle of right vs. wrong

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So in yesterday's entry, I complained about how the cape wasn't centered. I can't center it. I don't know why. I think there's something wrong with my code. Anyway, I centered the cape, but the Count is now skinny.


About my code: I don't know, whenever I make any changes to the in-game portion, the scanline count changes. It's very odd.

Last night and part of this morning I thought I could make the bats fly in, from like the top, but no. Not even from the sides.

Now that I think about it, I could change the size of the horizontal gap between the bats. What I was trying to do was make the bats magically appear by adding a playfield the same color as the background, and then make the bats fly in from the left, but I felt that looked really odd having the bats flying in from nowhere. So I changed it back to what it was.


If the player presses an incorrect number, a short buzz sound happens and the score turns red, then disappears and you try again. If it's correct now, it will just go back to the title screen. This is because I don't know what should happen if the player gets it right other than the score will be green. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I need to compose a short ditty to play when the player gets it correct.


I haven't tested it on a real Atari 2600 yet. I found my Kid's Controller. I thought it was Kids' but the apostrophe on it is before the s, so it's Kid's. It was in my bin of Nintendo 64 games. A real nice place for it, don't you think?

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