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Count's Castle: A little song, a little dance...

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So I spent all last night and this afternoon (It's about 2 p.m. as I'm writing this. I woke up at around noon) trying to fix the Count sprite so it doesn't change its shape when it's not supposed to. Sometimes the face changed its shape. I put in a couple more Count dancing animation frames when a correct answer was given, along with a little (familiar) song. So I had to spend hours fixing the Count's sprite so it looked a lot different. This is the result:


Working on this for some time, it became clear why Atari cancelled this game. It is kind of, well, dull. Of course, we'll never know if Count's Castle was supposed to be a counting game, but if it was, it doesn't do much. I've attached what I have so far. Check it out, please give feedback. And if you have a kid learning their numbers, I'd especially like to hear about that as well.


The game does use the Kid's Controller, so if you use a Harmony cart, the game will buzz and display a red 1 over and over again until the Kid's Controller is plugged in. Or at least it did when I tested version 10. I think it's because the Harmony Cart menu is not compatible with a keyboard controller. The only problem I have with the Harmony cartridge. So I had to plug in a joystick, select the game, then when the game comes on, unplug the joystick and plug in the Kid's Controller.


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