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Small burger

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So I did some testing about a new game for the Pokemon Mini since I got done with Frank the Fruit Fly.


I call it "Hamburgers In Space!" Nice big sprites for this one since the screen is very tiny. What I am basically attempting to do is take the Switzerland game to the Pokemon Mini. But this will only have one level: a space level. Why? Because it's hard to design different levels when you have to tell where you are with sprites. Space is nice and black with nice white stars. What I am aiming for (no pun intended) is an Asteroids-type experience where players shoot at milkshakes.


I plan to have two milkshake colors. Why no gray? I discovered that if a gray sprite moves, it doesn't look very good. So what I did was since there's gray in the burger, have the burger be stationary while the stars move around to give the illusion that the burger is moving when it isn't (sort of like in Super Mario Bros. when Mario is in the center of the screen. He stays still and the background scrolls around him.)


I originally had the sprites be black against a white background, but I wondered if it would look better the other way. So I tried it and asked and people liked the black background so I changed it. The white milkshakes will shoot onion rings and the black ones won't. This gives a total of 6 sprites on the screen. Which isn't all that impressive considering the maximum is 24! Despite the one channel noise, the Pokemon Mini can still be amazing at times.

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