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Sometimes I get very bored. I need to do something but I don't really feel like doing anything. Times when there's nothing to do, nothing interesting on YouTube. Nothing on the multitudes of channels on TV. That is when I get into my music composing mood and open up one of my MIDIs and continue work on it.


Back in January 2020, I was going to complete two CDs' worth of music on one composition called "A Walnut." My goal was to make 26 minutes worth of music every two months, thus completing it by December. That never happened. I got as far as 80 minutes worth by September 9 and then forgot about it and quit. Sometimes I must have resumed on it because I was looking through my computer and saw a fourth part that was 10 minutes long. Well, I got so bored I decided to continue work on it. My goal is three minutes worth of music per MIDI composing session. How long each composing session is depends on how many instruments are in it. If it's just the piano, it doesn't take that long. But if I have to compose countermelodies for other instruments, then that three minutes usually takes about an hour or so.


Part 4 of "A Walnut" can be heard by all since i put it on my website for you to listen to. Right now I'm listening to the first part of the song done in January 2020. What's interesting is that once I convert MIDIs to MP3s, they become so much better sounding. In my opinion it sounds like people are actually playing the instruments. Right now my schedule is like this: Wake up at noon. Work on stuff, go to bed at about midnight. Fall asleep at about 1 a.m. I am stuck in a rut, made worse due to the fact that mom isn't doing any better at all. I'd like to stay awake longer, but Mom is alone all morning. Perhaps I'll try to go to sleep earlier tonight. Like 20 minutes from now. I am sort of sleepy.

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